Choosing a Professional Executor
Choosing a Professional Executor to Administer Your Estate

Choosing a Professional Executor

Anyone who makes a Will must appoint an Executor, and many choose a close friend or family member. But, remember, the role of an Executor carries significant responsibility and risk. So, before you decide, consider the benefits of choosing a professional.

Key benefits include the following:

1. Less Stress & Risk

Acting as an Executor can sometimes be too much for a grieving friend or family member. It’s a time-consuming process and carries considerable responsibility. If an Estate is not dealt with correctly, Executors are personally liable for any claims bought against the Estate. So, appointing a professional Executor removes personal liability and creates less stress for those close to you.

2. Specialist Knowledge

Handling a deceased person’s Estate can be complex. Their tax affairs, property and investments must be considered when administering the Estate. Specialist lawyers and professional Executors handle these things daily – efficiently and without unnecessary delay.

3. Guaranteed Continuity

Choosing a friend or family member as an Executor does not automatically guarantee that they will be able (or willing) to act at the time of your death. If they are reluctant, the Non-contentious Probate Rules govern who acts as your representative. This could result in someone you would not want in the role. Appointing a professional Executor from the outset will ensure there will always be someone suitable to step in and accept the position when the time comes.

4. Fair & Impartial

Sadly family disputes aren’t uncommon and can cause issues in the administration of an Estate. Choosing a professional Executor provides impartiality and fairness. They must ensure they are objective.

5. Cost-Effective

It may seem cheaper to appoint a family member or friend. However, given the complexities of administering an Estate, bereaved families often defer to a professional. So, ultimately, the cost difference is neutral.

It’s also a common misconception that solicitors will apply an uplift to Estates of a higher value. The Solicitors Regulation Authority does not allow this. Any fee charged will reflect the complexity and responsibility involved in each case.

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