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Client Reviews

Curt changed my Will, updated my EPA to an LPA and changed the way my house is owned. The advice I was given was first-class, from start to finish. I most definitely recommend Curtis Parkinson!


I would highly recommend Curtis Parkinson, everything was covered very efficiently, professionally and in a friendly way. Very satisfied.


The experience was easy and seamless. Clear explanations and no effort on my part.


I visited Curtis Parkinson to change my Will. They are always polite and courteous. I felt at ease with the staggered appointment system, allowing only one person inside at a time.


We needed our old Wills rewriting and our EPA’s updating to LPAs. Mr Thomas explained everything very clearly. The service was first-class.


I will tell others to use Curtis Parkinson. Everything was clearly explained to me about making my Will and I felt totally at ease. Thank you and your secretary for your kindness.


I felt safe despite Covid-19 restrictions. Curt was very professional and every effort was made.


We needed to remake our Wills following our marriage. Everything was clearly explained which made the process easy for us.


Curtis Parkinson got on to things without delay, obtaining the Grant of Probate very quickly and acted for us in selling the property. We will use Curtis Parkinson in the future and would not hesitate in recommending them.


Curtis Parkinson is swift and polite. They replaced our Wills and set up two Powers of Attorney for us. We can’t recommend them highly enough.


Curtis Parkinson is very prompt and efficient. We recommend them highly. They dealt with our requests swiftly and having our Wills prepared has given us peace of mind.


We were very happy with the service from Curtis Parkinson. Curt explained everything thoroughly and put us at our ease straightaway.


Curt kept to time and was friendly, clear and very efficient. Definitely recommended.


If you want a professional job, go to Curtis Parkinson. We would thoroughly recommend them. Curt was prepared to visit us at home which helped my wife enormously.


I’ve been with Curtis Parkinson since 1988 and wouldn’t change or go elsewhere. I’ve always been satisfied and had everything explained very well.

MRS D M Pitt

Curt took time to explain everything to me and never rushed. Very helpful and professional. A first-class service.

MR & MRS McDaniel

Curtis Parkinson delivered a friendly, local and accessible service. They went out of their way to save me a journey back to the office by coming to my house to change my Will after one of the beneficiaries died.


Curt made a daunting task very easy for me. I would not hesitate in recommending Curtis Parkinson to friends and family.


My experience from the start was excellent. I liked how professional, polite and helpful the team were, from receptionist through to our lawyer Curt. I was put at ease and felt assured from the start to the finish of sorting my Will out.


I would not hesitate in recommending Curtis Parkinson. Mr Thomas was very clear and professional.


Curt was very clear and informative. Everything was carried out with privacy. Visiting a solicitor was something I’d been putting off for a long time but I was made to feel at ease.


I would rate Curtis Parkinson very highly indeed. I found Curt to be very helpful and he made me feel very comfortable. There was no rushing and everyone was very friendly.


A very efficient, polite and professional service. Mr Thomas explained everything well and in a way we could understand. Thank you. You made us feel at ease.


My wife is starting to suffer from dementia and it was great to have somewhere to sort out legal work. Everything was explained simply in a way I could easily understand. I would recommend Curtis Parkinson. They are local lawyers who are fair.


I would not hesitate to recommend Curtis Parkinson. I was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I needed to amend my Will, discussed my reasons and I felt I was given excellent advice.


Curt was very kind and helpful. The staff and environment are also very pleasant and, importantly, local for us.


We liked the way Curt answered our questions in a straightforward way that we understood. We now have the peace of mind that our wished are covered in our Wills.


We got an appointment quickly and close to our home. We liked the efficient, no-nonsense approach. Curt was very polite and easy to talk to. He explained everything we asked very well. Curt made re-writing my Will, simple and quick.


We would recommend Curtis Parkinson because they were very helpful and explained things very well. A first-class service and easy to talk to.


Curt was very helpful and understanding. He made it easy to talk at a very difficult time. Curtis Parkinson delivered a personal and efficient service.


Based on our experience we would recommend your firm. The whole process was very smooth from start to finish. A very clear explanation was given about the procedure about which we had no previous experience. Our only knowledge was gained through internet research following the suggestion from a healthcare professional that power of attorney was perhaps something we should be considering my mother’s age and frailty, and her reliance on the family with regards to her finance and ongoing care. Thanks again for guiding us through this.


I would recommend Curtis Parkinson. Curt was very nice and provided me with my will.

I would recommend Curtis Parkinson. They were very helpful and caring. Everything was straightforward and they helped me to understand without making me feel like a child.

Mrs R.M. Welbourne

You answered our questions and advised us in the most professional and caring way.

J. Webster

Friendly staff, accessible offices and professional service.

Mr Pitcher

Curtis Parkinson were recommended to us and they were exactly as described: kind, patient and very helpful. They kept things simple but, at the same time, fully explained everything.

Shirley Bennett

I liked Curtis Parkinson’s forthright but easy going manner and would definitely recommend them. They were very knowledgeable and helped us with setting out our will.

W. H. Watmore

I’d recommend Curtis Parkinson for the very good service; they were very helpful and I felt very at ease with Curt. I was given good, clear instruction with my will and was treated as an individual. Everything was done on time with no waiting around and I know that in the future, should I need help, I can go back and be well advised.

Mrs Joy Ruth Walker

I’d recommend Curtis Parkinson for their kind and considerate staff. They helped me with my Will and LPA – if ever Curt said it would be done by a certain date then it always was.

T. King

Curtis Parkinson explained everything to us and guided us in the right direction. We were put at ease and making a will wasn’t as daunting as we first thought. I would recommend them as they’re easy to book appointments with, reasonably priced and very professional.

Mrs H. Spencer

I found Curtis Parkinson to be very efficient – they replaced my old will with a new one in the space of only a week. I would definitely recommend them.

Michael Eaton

The service at Curtis Parkinson was very good; everyone’s polite and helpful and they explain things well. I was helped to feel at ease whilst making my will, which made the process a lot better for me.

Lyn Exposito

All the staff at Curtis Parkinson are very pleasant, knowledgeable and dealt with everything professionally. We were very happy with the service we were given. All the details of making a will were explained to us and they pointed out things we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

Michael & Diane Carter

I always find Curtis Parkinson’s service to be straight forward and professional. All the staff are friendly and approachable. They have been our family solicitors for many years and I hope they will continue to be.

David Smith

The making of my will was an easy process and was completed very quickly thanks to Curtis Parkinson. Very efficient, friendly and relaxed. Also their office is local.

I had first class help from Curtis Parkinson and was most impressed. They give all the help possible. They helped me by making everything clear in a friendly and business like way, so I had no worries.


Curt was Kind, caring and reassuring. I would recommend Curtis Parkinson for how efficient they were.


Everything with Curtis Parkinson was very straightforward and there were no problems whatsoever. They answered all my questions and were very easy to deal with.


Curtis Parkinson give a very good service. They’re prompt, courteous and explain everything in detail.



Our business with Curtis Parkinson was conducted simply and speedily. They provide a good local service and can make home visits if necessary. We’d recommend them as the subject of our business was treated in a reassuring and sympathetic manner at all times.



We recommend Curtis Parkinson as they’re very thorough, approachable and professional.



I recommend Curtis Parkinson as they’re very welcoming and they listen to what people want. They didn’t rush me and they listened to what I wanted.



Curt was friendly but professional, it was like talking to an old friend who has a knowledge of the law and how best to help families. My family have been using Curtis Parkinson for years, as they give good value for money and are efficient. They’re welcoming and open about how things work and the costs involved.


I would recommend Curtis Parkinson for their efficient and friendly service. They saw us through the process and explained things well.


The service I received from Curtis Parkinson was very professional and I was made to feel at ease throughout. The appointment time was met without any waiting and the whole process was explained to me, making sure I understood everything. My wishes were carried out and interpreted as I wanted.


We would absolutely recommend Curtis Parkinson. The service felt very unhurried and person centred. Clear that they wanted to get it right. Good legal advice and easy access.



There is no fault to how Curtis Parkinson do things. I would 100% recommend them, they were 1st class on what they did for me.



I would recommend Curtis Parkinson as they helped me to sort out things very well and it was all straight forward.



We would recommend Curtis Parkinson because Curt Thomas was so helpful and he made us feel at ease. Everything was done professionally and they explained things so well to us.



Curt made me think how the pecking order/family stress affects decision making and issues relating to making a will. Any concerns we had were explained in detail so we understood what was what. We would recommend Curtis Parkinson as they were all approachable and very informative.

Curtis Parkinson are independent, friendly and competitively priced. They provide a complete, professional service. All was explained in easy to understand terms which was helpful. They made a difficult process very much easier and went the extra mile when asked without fuss or problem.



I was more than pleased with everything done for me by Curtis Parkinson. They explain every detail. I can’t fault them. They were friendly, yet very business like.


I’d never done a will before but the whole process was explained to me as we went along. Any questions I had were answered. Curt made me feel completely at ease, and he was easy to talk to.

I would recommend Curtis Parkinson because my problem was sorted out very quickly. Everything was dealt with. Professional service.


From walking in to going out, we were treated with dignity and felt completely at ease. No rush. It’s like going to mum’s house for a chat! We were more than pleased and satisfied with the ways things were done. We were treated with the upmost dignity in everything. Cannot find anything to complain about.


Curt gave me peace of mind – everything that my family needs is stored and sorted in one place with Curtis Parkinson. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. They explain everything well, so that at all times you know what you are signing, etc. I would recommend them if living in Clifton, very convenient to visit.



I would recommend Curtis Parkinson as I wasn’t sure how to share my estate out and Curt Thomas talked me through what I could do.

Curt helped us plan things for the future. Gave us good ideas. We liked how quick and convenient the service was. We would recommend Curtis Parkinson as they were very helpful and confidential when asked questions. Everything was straight forward and easy.

Curtis Parkinson helped me with my will and power of attorney. They explained everything fully. I would recommend them as they were very helpful and nice.

Mr Thomas discussed and explained everything to do with both wills very clearly. We liked how he was relaxed but confident and think everything has been handled very efficiently so far. We would be very happy to use Curtis Parkinson again and have already recommended them.

Curtis Parkinson helped me with an LPA and gave me advice. They explained things very clearly. I would recommend them as they were very efficient, friendly and professional. It also helped that it was in a ground floor room.

Curtis Parkinson helped me to make my will. I would recommend them for the professional service they provided.

Curtis Parkinson helped me to make my will. I would definitely recommend the service provided, as I thought Curt was lovely.

Curtis Parkinson helped us achieve a satisfactory conclusion on the purchase. They were efficient, friendly, approachable and informative.


You helped me with my Power of Attorney and explained it well. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease.

Curt made the process of making a will an easy and pleasant experience with exceptionally friendly service. They used plain English that was easy to understand. Everything was straightforward. They made it a very easy, pleasant experience.


I’ve never had a will before so I didn’t know why one was needed, but Curtis Parkinson explained why. We would recommend them, as they explained everything very well.


Curtis Parkinson helped me to write a will and answered a lot of questions about lines of inheritance, etc. They did things in a timely fashion and answered all my questions and queries well.


Curtis Parkinson helped me with my power of attorney. Things are explained and made easy to understand. I would recommend you as you take the time to listen.


I was helped to renew my will without any problems. I would recommend Curtis Parkinson, as they met my needs and were friendly and approachable.

I wanted to make a will and the process was swift and without delay. Curt was professional always. I was made to feel comfortable, allowing me to ask questions without judgement.

Curt helped me to appoint my children as my attorneys in a simple and straightforward way. I liked the home visit, as it made things easier for me. I would recommend Curt because he was very much a gentleman and explained everything to me very well.


Curtis Parkinson gave me good, clear advice on my will. I would recommend them for the good customer service.


Curtis Parkinson helped me to remake my will without too much trauma. I felt confident enough that I was getting a professional service.

Curt helped me to update my will. Made useful suggestions to improve the final result. The service was concise yet informal. I liked the Local office in Bulwell, quick to get an appointment.


Curtis Parkinson made it easy for me to appoint my daughter and a grandson with LPAs if I deteriorate in health or mental capacity. This was my first meeting with a solicitor and he put me completely at ease. Mr Thomas was quiet, patient and reassuring, as I was slightly nervous.


Curtis Parkinson helped us to do something we should have done years ago. Easy appointment made with a smile. Courteous and easy to understand explanations.

I’d recommend Curtis Parkinson as I got my will within 4 days. Very friendly, cheap and explained everything. They even came out twice because I made a mistake on my will.


Curtis Parkinson made making our will simple to understand. You made it so easy by listening to what we wanted. The reason that I would recommend them is that they made our will so easy to understand.

As I was unsure about changing my will, Curt sat and spoke to me, making me feel confident I was doing the right thing. He was very helpful, polite and put me at ease. I would recommend him, as everything was explained to me very carefully.


Curtis Parkinson helped me to understand certain details. They explain very clearly, so you understand. I would recommend them as they were very helpful.

Curtis Parkinson helped me to write a new will and revoke an old will held elsewhere. It all seemed so straight forward with no fuss. I would recommend Curtis Parkinson as they were friendly and efficient.


Curtis Parkinson helped us to make a will correctly and treated us both with dignity and respect. Everything was explained in simple terms that we could understand and all our questions were answered. We were informed of how important it was to make a will and the pitfalls we could encounter along the way. We would recommend Curtis Parkinson for their service and for making us feel at ease from the moment we walked into the office.


We came to have a will written and were so happy and at ease with the help and advice we were given. We would certainly recommend because of the professional, personable and helpful manner. Thank you all.


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