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Instant Notary Quotation

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Your Notary Public Quotation

How many documents do you need to notarise? (£24 each)
Do you need to supply a copy of your passport in addition to the notarised document? (£24)
Are there any additional parties to the document?
(£66 per extra person, including £18 identification check)
Is this for a company? (£48 minimum)
For copy documents, is verification required? If so, how many documents need verifying? (£24 each)
If you do require verification, is it for a University Degree? If so, how many degrees need verifying? (£14.40 each)
Is an Apostille / are Apostilles required? If so, how many? (£48 minimum per Apostille)
Do you need us to arrange an Apostille for you? (£24)
Do you require Consular Legalisation for China and UAE? (£120)
If you require Consular Legalisation for any other country:
Please add details to the form below, including the country required, and we'll get back to you with a revised quote. Costs vary depending on the country. There would also be an additional agent and consular fee – we would obtain a quote for you on the day. This would be confirmed by email.

Total Estimated Cost Including VAT

Total Estimated CostIncluding VAT
We can also provide a Notary quotation excluding VAT - please let us know if this is required.

If you'd like to continue or book an appointment, please enter your contact details below. We'll email you your quote, and be in touch to take things further.