January 2021 | Curtis Parkinson
Unclaimed Estates and Finding Missing Beneficiaries

Unclaimed Estates & Finding Missing Beneficiaries

Many people are inspired to delve into their pasts by watching programs such as ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. They find out whether their relatives are worthy of further investigation. And the key to making this process accessible is the digitisation of census records and the internet in general. Yet, when it comes to…

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Applying For Probate

It’s a common misnomer to think that preparing a Will removes the need for Probate when you die. When Probate Is Needed By law, in England and Wales, you only need to apply for Probate if something requires it. However, to protect yourself and avoid issues or challenges from beneficiaries when dealing with the Estate,…

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Acting as an Attorney or Deputy During Covid-19

Acting safely as a Deputy or Attorney during Covid-19 is concerning for many. However, outside the need to follow a robust social distancing regime, shielding and self-isolating when necessary; the roles and responsibilities for Deputies and Attorneys remain the same. Responsibilities During the CoVid-19 Restrictions  Working closely with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the Office…

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Discretionary Trusts & Rights of Beneficiaries

Trusts can be used for many reasons. They can be structured to suit particular circumstances and beneficiaries. But what rights do beneficiaries have under the terms of a Discretionary Trust? Discretionary Trusts A Discretionary Trust gives greater power to the Trustees. They choose what they give to your beneficiaries and when. This flexibility is why…

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Partnerships & Accreditations