July 2019 | Curtis Parkinson
Meeting The Cost Of Care For The Elderly

Meeting the Cost of Care for the Elderly

And addressing challenges from Local Authorities As people live longer, the cost to central and local government of providing care for the elderly has increased massively. According to a 2018 study in The Lancet, an estimated 446,000 of over-85s will have “high dependency” care needs by 2035. An increase of over 91% from 233,000 in…

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Is Your Care Home Contract Fair?

UK care home providers face direct fines if they mislead ‘customers’ Care homes are much the same as any other business. They are obliged to provide their ‘customers’ with a contract. And that contract should comply with consumer law. However, according to research by consumer association Which? in 2018, many care homes they looked at…

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Will the EU Succession Regulations (Brussels IV) Affect Your Estate if You Own Property Abroad?

The principal aim of the EU Succession Regulations (EU 650/2012) – known as Brussels IV – was to unify succession laws across EU members states. Brussels IV has been in place since 17 August 2015. Whilst the UK (and Ireland and Denmark) opted out of this legislation, it’s still relevant to any UK resident individuals…

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