April 2024 | Curtis Parkinson
Suitable Executor

Choosing the Right Executor

It’s Not Just About an Executor’s Skills When you write a Will, selecting an executor is one of the most critical decisions. This person has the crucial responsibility of overseeing the administration of your estate after your death. While competence is essential, other qualities matter a great deal when choosing your executor. What An Executor…

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Court of Appeal Finds No Undue Influence in Will Dispute

Inheriting after someone close to you has died can be a bittersweet experience. However, when the terms of a Will seem unfair or unexpected, suspicions of undue influence may arise. Undue influence is when someone pressures or manipulates the individual into making a Will and leaving their assets in a specific (often unexpected) way. However,…

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Using Life Interest Trusts to Safeguard Your Legacy

Ensuring your wishes are carried out after you’re gone can be tricky, especially for blended families. But using life interest trusts can safeguard your legacy. So, consider them alongside other potential strategies, such as lifetime gifts, but seek professional advice to ensure the trust functions as intended. Creating Life Interest Trusts A life interest trust…

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