October 2020 | Curtis Parkinson
What You Should Include In Your Will

What You Should Include When Making Your Will

Understandably, since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve seen an increase in clients making their Wills. But it’s not always easy to know what to include in your Will. There are a number of important decisions to make. And you need to make sure the wording of your Will reflects exactly what you want.…

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The Importance of Making A Will

Whether for tax purposes or for a real desire to help a cause that matters to you, most of the UK’s population support leaving a legacy to charity in their Will, once their family has been provided for. But a startling 30 million of us have yet to make a Will in the first place.…

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The Benefits of Leaving Money to Charity

Making a Will is the only way to decide who benefits from you after your death. Naturally, making sure your family is looked after financially is an important consideration. However, there are benefits to leaving money to charity too. It means you’re not only supporting a worthy cause but your gift or legacy can also…

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