November 2018 | Curtis Parkinson

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How long will it take me to buy a house?

Like making most purchases, you could expect buying a house to be a straightforward affair, and it can be. But there are complexities and a myriad of reasons that can make it anything but ‘simple’. The length of time it takes to get the purchase over the line can vary a lot, no matter who…

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What happens your online accounts after you die?

Planning what happens to your assets when you die is common, you’ve probably at least given it a passing thought. What will happen to your home, your savings, your collection of stuffed rabbits when you are gone? It’s essential to establish who gets what and what you want to happen to your assets. But in…

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Is your Will watertight?

You could be forgiven for assuming that once you make your Will it is watertight, and your wishes will be followed to the letter. Unfortunately, Will disputes are becoming increasingly common because of the complexities of modern life. A myriad domestic circumstances, common divorce and different family structures all contribute to legal battles over who…

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