February 2024 | Curtis Parkinson
Side Documents in a Will

The Importance of Side Documents Alongside a Will

Memoranda of Wishes, Letters of Guidance and Side Letters sit alongside a Will. These side documents guide executors, trustees, and those managing an estate or trust after death. While they are not substitutes for making a Will, they are valuable. They give you a voice after death that even a properly prepared, structured Will may…

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Is The Will a Forgery?

Disputing a Will because you believe the Will is a forgery takes a lot of work. Challenges are often made based on lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence or lack of knowledge and approval. But contesting a Will based purely on forgery is less common, even if there’s a genuine concern. You may think you…

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Probate Can Be Tricky, So Make Your Executor’s Job Easier

None of us can know what tomorrow will bring. However, those who plan for what happens after they die typically rest much easier at night. Administering a person’s estate after they die (known as probate) can be tricky and costly, especially if things aren’t carefully organised beforehand. So, make your probate run smoothly and your…

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