February 2019 | Curtis Parkinson

WARNING – 14 Year Inheritance Tax Trap

Can gifts still be subject to Inheritance Tax 14 years later? Many will be familiar with the seven-year rule relating to gifts for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes. And, assuming you survive for seven years from the date of making the gift, this gift can be excluded from your estate after you die. However, there is…

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The importance of having an Energy Performance Certificate

Do I really need one? There’s a very, very short answer to the questions raised in the headline of this article. If you are building, selling or renting a property the answer is “very important and yes you do.” Now that is clear, we can move onto what an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is and…

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What is the difference between a Lasting Power of Attorney and a Deputy?

So this can be confusing. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and a Deputy are both legal appointments which allow a person (or persons) to handle the affairs of a person who lacks mental capacity. It’s a fact of life these days, we’re all living longer. So the chance of losing mental capacity and the…

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What exactly is a Notary Public?

When do you need one? For the layman, understanding who does what, and why, within the legal profession is a little confusing. But having a basic understanding of the different roles and processes should help. To start with, our quick guide below, sets out what a Notary is, what they do and when you are…

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