March 2023 | Curtis Parkinson
Lay and Professional Deputies

Difference Between Professional & Lay Court of Protection Deputies

A Court of Protection Deputy is appointed by the Court to make decisions for someone who can’t make decisions for themselves. Professional or Lay Deputy? All Deputies must be 18 or over. Essentially, there are two types of Deputies, Lay and Professional. Lay Deputies are usually close family members or friends of the person who…

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What Happens if There Isn’t a Will?

It’s estimated that two-thirds of people die without making a Will. These figures include high-profile figures such as Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Pablo Picasso, and James Dean, to name but a few. Unfortunately, they left more than just their fame behind. Aside from their wealth, they provoked bitter family arguments, avoidable taxes, and numerous…

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Can a Will be Changed After Death?

In short, yes, a Will can be changed after death. However, all beneficiaries whose interests are being affected must agree, and changes must be completed within two years after the person whose Will it is, dies. Changes are made using a deed of variation. However, this doesn’t mean you’re given free rein to rewrite someone’s…

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Partnerships & Accreditations