December 2023 | Curtis Parkinson
What to After a Death

What to Do When Someone Dies

We know that the death of a loved one is very traumatic for families. As well as dealing with the loss, it’s tough to think about practicalities and even harder to know who is responsible for what. So here are a few pointers to help you understand what to do when someone dies. Registering the…

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Why You Need a Will if You’re Cohabiting

Marriage continues to decline in the UK, with more unmarried couples buying houses together than ever. So, amid rising costs, it’s little wonder that many first-time buyers opt to cohabit before they tie the knot. But ignoring the legal implications could be financially disastrous. Despite the trend for living together, the law hasn’t caught up…

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Understanding The Process of Buying a House

Understanding the process of buying a house, especially when it’s your first time, is far from easy. It can seem long-winded and shrouded in legal jargon. So, if you can get your head around buying a house, you’re less likely to be surprised. It might even become a pleasurable experience. So, what’s first? 1. Mortgage…

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Who Owns What Fence?

We all want to live at home in peace and harmony with our neighbours. Yet, according to a survey in 2022, over a fifth of UK homeowners got involved in a boundary dispute with a neighbour at some point. And falling out over with neighbours is very stressful. Triggers, such as encroaching on a boundary…

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Partnerships & Accreditations