December 2022 | Curtis Parkinson
Important to Make an LPA

Why You Must Make a Lasting Power of Attorney

Lawyers are always talking about the benefits of making a Will. But, of course, in drawing up your Will, you’re making provision for those you care about after you die. But too few appreciate why they must also make a Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). Let’s face it, few of us like to think about…

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Inheritance Arguments in Blended Families

Blended families are common features of modern life. Moreover, 2022 government statistics show that multi-family households are the fastest-growing category. And legal, financial and practical problems often cause tension. So, it’s essential to consider how couples can provide for each other and their children without causing unnecessary hardship and corrosive family arguments.  Common Triggers In…

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Modern Families in The Current Legal Landscape

The world is unrecognisable since the Wills Act of 1837 became law. And the continued rise in inheritance disputes demonstrates how the current legal landscape isn’t in sync with the needs of modern family life today. Rates of opposite-sex marriage continue to fall in England and Wales, with recent official (ONS) statistics recording only 213,122…

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