January 2023 | Curtis Parkinson
What happens if I want to dispute a Will

What happens if I want to dispute a Will?

It should be a simple process: making a Will so your loved ones are looked after as you’d like. But we are all living longer, often at increased risk of dementia. The fabric of family life has become more complex, with divorce and blended families commonplace. So it’s perhaps not surprising that disputes involving Wills…

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Mirror or Mutual Wills – What’s the Difference?

When couples think about making their Wills, invariably, they do them together. In most cases, they want the same thing. They’re keen to sort out their affairs so they’re cared for when one of them passes away, and they broadly agree about what to do about their children and who should be left an inheritance. Frequently,…

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Deathbed Gifts and Your Estate

The Coronavirus pandemic has driven many to think more about organising their Estate after they die. If you make a Will, you can stipulate who your beneficiaries are. However, surveys show fewer than 50% of the UK’s adult population have made a Will. Furthermore, experience over the past months shows that circumstances can change quickly…

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Can You Remove or Replace an Executor?

If you think an Executor is doing a poor job of managing the estate of a loved one, it may be possible to remove or replace them. But it’s far from straightforward. Executor’s Responsibility An Executor is appointed in a Will to manage the deceased person’s estate. They are responsible for distributing the person’s money…

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