August 2017 | Curtis Parkinson
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Inheritance Tax & the Residence Nil Rate Band – A Simple Guide!

At present every individual in the UK has a limit of £325k before any inheritance tax is payable and married couples or civil partners can effectively double this up to £650k. These are known as a person’s “Nil Rate Band” (NRB). Since 6 April 2017, a new Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) has come into…

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Roger To Pedal His Way To Paris

Curtis Parkinson’s Roger Pitts is set to ride his bike all the way to Paris in an effort to raise money for the Armed Forces community. Organised by The Royal British Legion, Roger will be joining 150 keen cyclists as they cover 460km (284 miles) to travel from London to Paris in just four days.…

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Digital Assets – A Cloudy Issue

Until the last few years, persons assets could quite easily be identified when a client came into our office. The persons house, a couple of bank accounts a works pension etc etc. With each passing generation, the likelihood of Digital Assets will be an ever increasing consideration when dealing with that person’s estate when they pass.…

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The Family Home – Asset Protection and Long Term Care

You will have seen adverts for  ‘Will Trusts’, ‘Asset Protection Trusts’ & ‘Family Protection Trusts’, but do you really understand what it means? The main asset the most of us will ever have will be our home, and you will want to ensure that this is passed on to your beneficiaries. You may wish to…

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WARNING – EPC – Don’t Ignore The Rules Coming in 2018

Do you remember the much maligned Home Information Packs when selling a house? Did you know that part of this was an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and pretty much whenever you sell or let a property, whether commercial or residential, you now have to have one. The purpose of the EPC is to show you…

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Partnerships & Accreditations