March 2024 | Curtis Parkinson
Statutory Wills Explained

Understanding Statutory Wills

Will is a cornerstone of estate planning. It ensures your chosen executor carries out your wishes after you die. But what happens when someone lacks the mental capacity to create or change a Will? In these circumstances, someone can apply to make a Will (or statutory Will) on behalf of someone else. Their Function In…

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What Happens When a Beneficiary Can’t Be Found?

The smooth administration of an estate hinges on identifying and distributing assets to rightful beneficiaries. But what happens when a beneficiary can’t be found? In England and Wales, there’s a legal framework for handling situations like this. This ensures a fair outcome for missing beneficiaries and the estate. Due Diligence is Key When Tracing Beneficiaries…

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Selling Smart: What You Must Disclose When Selling Your Property

Selling a home is exciting, but the process can feel overwhelming. Between cleaning, decluttering, viewings, and navigating the legal hurdles, it’s easy to forget some crucial steps. One aspect that’s often overlooked is disclosure. Understanding what you must disclose (legally) when you sell your home is vital. Not only does it protect you from potentially…

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