March 2022 | Curtis Parkinson

What’s involved in Court of Protection proceedings?

It can be stressful to find yourself involved in Court of Protection proceedings, especially when it’s unfamiliar territory for you. The Court of Protection was set up to safeguard vulnerable people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. These decisions may relate to the person’s finances or their health and welfare. When…

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Property Ownership & Severing A Joint Tenancy

One of the first things a lawyer will discuss when you buy a property together is the difference between owning the house as joint tenants or tenants in common. And they will tell you that when it comes to planning your estate, how you own or ‘hold’ your property makes a difference. Severing A Joint…

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Unravelling The Mysteries of Probate

To many, probate is a bit of a mystery. First, there’s the classic scene we see in dramas where close family arrives at the lawyer’s office for the reading of the Will. Then the lawyer reveals that no one inherits what they expect. There are so many myths and misconceptions about the probate process, including…

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Understanding The Process of Buying a House

Understanding the process of buying a house, especially when it’s your first time, is far from easy. It can seem long-winded and shrouded in legal jargon. So, if you can get your head around the basics of buying a house, you’re less likely to be taken by surprise. It might even become a pleasurable experience.…

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Dying Without a Will: How Intestacy May Affect You

If someone dies without a Will or if their Will is not valid, they will die ‘intestate’. The rules of intestacy apply to assets, Investments, and personal belongings a person leaves behind – otherwise known as their Estate. What relatives or beneficiaries inherit is affected by the intestacy rules and distributed according to a fixed…

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Partnerships & Accreditations