May 2018 | Curtis Parkinson
‘Blended’ Families

‘Blended’ Families – Who Takes Priority When It Comes to Inheritance?

According to The Office for National Statistics, in 2017 there were 27.2 million households in the UK. By far the most common type of household is one family (with and without children). However, multi-family households are, perhaps unsurprisingly, the fastest growing. Over a third of all couples bringing up children today, have a step-child living…

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We’ve just bought a new house but should we change the locks?

Moving house is a stressful time. Understandably, changing the locks is likely to be low of the lists of your priorities. However, according to the Office of National Statistics, those who move house are twice as likely to be burgled in the first year of living there. It’s highly likely that you will have no…

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