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Acting Safely as an Attorney or Deputy During Coronavirus Outbreak

Acting as an Attorney or Deputy During Coronavirus Outbreak

Acting safely as a Deputy or Attorney during the Coronavirus outbreak is concerning for many. However, outside the need to follow robust social distancing regime, shielding and self-isolating when necessary; the roles and responsibilities for Deputies and Attorneys remain the same. Responsibilities During the Coronavirus Outbreak  Working closely with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the…

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Trusts and Protecting Your Assets

We’ve written a few articles about the government’s planned increases in probate fees. A plan which, if implemented as intended, has been dubbed a ‘stealth tax’. Unsurprisingly, amid widespread condemnation, we’ve seen a marked increase in enquiries from clients about the potential benefits of setting up trusts. Can this approach mitigate inheritance tax liability and increased…

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Benefits of Lasting Power of Attorney

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) has launched a targeted campaign aimed at educating the public about the benefits of making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Prompted by recent OPG research and due to launch across the UK, the new campaign videos are focused on increasing the number of LPA registrations by promoting…

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Is Your Care Home Contract Fair?

UK care home providers face direct fines if they mislead ‘customers’ Care homes are much the same as any other business. They are obliged to provide their ‘customers’ with a contract. And that contract should comply with consumer law. However, according to research by consumer association Which? in 2018, many care homes they looked at…

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What’s involved in Court of Protection proceedings?

It can be stressful to find yourself involved in Court of Protection proceedings, especially when it’s unfamiliar territory for you. The Court of Protection was set up to safeguard vulnerable people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. These decisions may relate to the person’s finances or their health and welfare. When…

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