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Impact of Coronavirus on House Sale or Purchase

Impact of Coronavirus on Your House Purchase or Sale

The Government’s announcement last month, freeing-up the restrictions imposed in March on buying or selling a house, has helped to lift spirits and slow down the rate of transactions collapsing. But what impact will the new Coronavirus regulations have on your house sale or purchase? Essentially, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed, and…

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Understanding The Process of Buying a House

Understanding the process of buying a house, especially for the first time, is far from easy. The whole process can seem over-lengthy and shrouded in legal jargon. So, if you can get your head around the basics of buying a house, you’re less likely to be taken by surprise. The whole buying process will become…

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Daughter Beats Stepsister in £300k Inheritance Dispute

John & Ann Scarle, who died at home from hypothermia in October 2016, have been at the centre of a bitter inheritance dispute which settled recently, in August 2019. The argument ended up in the High Court after their two step-daughters, quibbled over which parent died first. The case revolved around a little used 100-year…

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Living Together & Owning a Property

Joint Tenants -vs- Tenants In Common – Which Arrangement is Best? Out of 19.1 million families in the UK in 2018, 3.3 million were co-habiting. That’s an increase of over 25% over the last decade. Yet, from a legal standpoint, it can be confusing what your rights are when you buy a home and live…

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Reinvigorating commonhold – will it work?

In light of recent controversies and issues with the traditional leasehold ownership of properties, the Law Commission is pushing commonhold ownership as a viable alternative. Consultation paper In their Consultation Paper entitled Reinvigorating commonhold: the alternative to leasehold ownership the Commission outlines how commonhold ownership would work in practice. The paper closely examines what impact…

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Government trial for Reservation Agreements

The government recently announced that that they will be testing the viability of home-buying reservation agreements. So, what does this really mean? Currently, if you’re selling a house, there’s a very real possibility that your buyers will decide to drop out at the last minute, leaving you with a headache and the chance of your…

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I’m buying a house – what’s the difference between leasehold and freehold?

Leasehold vs freehold properties There’s a lot to keep track of when buying a house, this includes understanding whether you own or rent the land the property you are buying sits on. In England and Wales, this will either be freehold or a leasehold. Recently, things have got a little more complicated with the government…

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Selling your house this year – how can you best prepare?

It’s another new year. A time when we all re-evaluate our lives and look to make positive changes. This could mean selling your home for several reasons – to make money, to downsize, to move to a more exciting (or relaxing) area or maybe closer to a good school. January is considered a good time…

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How long will it take me to buy a house?

Like making most purchases, you could expect buying a house to be a straightforward affair, and it can be. But there are complexities and a myriad of reasons that can make it anything but ‘simple’. The length of time it takes to get the purchase over the line can vary a lot, no matter who…

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Know your boundaries

Most of the time relations with neighbours are harmonious, but it doesn’t take much for the situation to deteriorate to something far from friendly. Disputes between neighbours are a common occurrence. A recent survey from GoCompare found that 28% of Brits have fallen out with a neighbour and, of those asked, 11% come from maintenance…

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The Help to Buy scheme – is it for everyone?

Launched in April 2013, the government’s Help to Buy Scheme was introduced to help first-time buyers get a foot on to the property ladder. Heralded by many as an enormous success story, the value of properties sold in the first 4 years reached £39.28 billion. And, according to official government statistics, most of the home…

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Buying a house with your partner?

Buying a property with your partner is exciting but it’s a big commitment. It’s not usually a step you take if you don’t know each other well. After all, getting onto the property ladder isn’t always easy or cheap. So, once you’ve agreed on the area, type of house and your budget, it’s best to…

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